Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some questions that you have that are pretty common. Take a look through our FAQs to see if it can solve your enquiries, if FAQs doesn’t answer your questions , feel free to contact us and we will respond to you as fast as we can. If its really urgent you can call us at 6493 7214 during office hours 10am to 6 pm (GMT+8)

A: Yes, as of now the minimum requirement would be 1 pallet space, 7 days minimum.
The handling fee covers transportation (within Singapore), loading and unloading of pallets. Its free for first time users, subsequently it will be SGD50 for the first pallet and SGD15 for each subsequent pallet
Each of our warehouse partners assumes liability for any damage that they cause to the goods that they store, or for damage caused due to their negligence. The owners of the goods stored maintain coverage for any damage that is caused due to Acts of God/Acts of Nature. UCR will also cover up to SGD500 for insurance for the goods as well
UCR operations team will initiate the process to investigate any claims that may arise regarding damage to goods.
Every pallet will be tagged to a unique NFC tag which can pinpoint its movement and location. If the customer’s goods are unable to fit into one warehouse, it will be split accordingly hence the warehouse owners may receive different amount of pallets.
Physical access is not granted to customers as to protect the interest and liability of our partners.
Transportation is included in the handling fees(FAQ No.3). As we want to protect our partners interest, you may not arrange your own transportation.
No worries, we will bring the pallets to your pickup point load it up and store it for you.
Kindly indicate how long do you intend to store the items. Billing will be on a monthly basis, for store durations that are shorter than a month, we will charge accordingly to the duration used. Minimum billing would be 1 week , regardless of how many days used.
Lets say you engage our services on the 18th of a certain month, we will drop you a reminder 7 days before the we require payment from you. So on the 11th we will drop you an email stating how much payment is to be made on the 18th. Billing will be monthly starting from the day that you started to store with us. If you decided to take back your items before the entire month is up, we will prorate accordingly and arrange for delivery after payment is received.
As your convenience is our number 1 priority, it will be prorated accordingly. Let’s say you decided to store for a week but for some unforeseen circumstances you exceeded another full week, we will change the rates from 1 week to 2weeks. If it exceeds 3 weeks, we will change the rates from 2 weeks to a month. Therefore there will not be additional costs, in fact the longer you store with us, the more you save.
Space is limited and expensive in Singapore and sometimes your warehouse may not be operating at full capacity. Hence when you have extra space that is just sitting there and have your rental being guzzled away, why not just list your space with us and earn some additional income to mitigate some of your operating costs? There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain
We understand that you still have your business to run and you would need as much flexibility as possible. Therefore, the minimum space to let out will be at least 1 pallet space and a minimum duration of 1 week.
We don’t need anything special from you, the only piece of hardware that is a must have would be a proper racking system if you are looking at storing pallets. If that you don’t have racks installed currently, email our Operations Support @ , we will arrange for a specialist to take a look at your space and see how we can optimize it with a racking system. However, it would be good that you have CCTV and door access systems as it would put you on a higher priority on our system.
Sure thing, you can remove it anytime as long as it is still unused.
We will always double check your availability to hold the goods for the time period that it requires. However, in the event that you really need to relocate the goods, we will kindly relocate the goods away from your premises. A charge of SGD50 will be imposed for the first pallet and SGD15 for each subsequent pallet.
No, they will not. They would not even know the exact location of your warehouse. Your main business will have a higher priority compared to UCR, so you won’t have to deal with customers, it is our honor to handle them for you.
Customers are to declare whatever they have stored to us in a list, we will not allow contrabands / illegal items to be stored at your warehouse. However, if they make a false declaration, we will terminate their account with us and they will be liable for criminal charges (if any).
We connect our customers who need additional storage capabilities to those who have excess. Think of us as the Uber for warehousing. Our partners will list their available space online, making it available to companies/individuals who need some extra space. UCR matches the nearest space which fits your requirement. All transactions will be automated, which means hassle free billing and more convenience for both parties.
We have minimum standards for all our partners, ensuring that their facilities meets them before we welcome them onboard as our partners.
You will be able to get your account information by clicking ‘forget password’. A temporary new password will be sent to your email, please do change your password after you successfully login.